Club Penguin Updates tonight (and Marvel Superhero Takeover finishes)

Warning! Club Penguin updates tonight! So the things you have to do are:

  • Take the pin
  • Buy all the clothes you want from the Marvel Superhero Catalog
  • Buy all the clothes you want from the Penguin Style Catalog that are in the Last Chance
  • Find Aunt Arctic IMMEDIATELY!! SHE LEAVES!!!!
  • Take all the gloves from the Hero Page and build all the robots in the Villain page
  • Have fun within those hours 😉
  • New Club Penguin Magazine is released in UK

The updates that are woing to happen are

  • Club Penguin rooms return to normal
  • New Pin is out
  • New Club Penguin Times issue is out
  • New Penguin Style Catalog is out too
  • Maybe a new EPF message
  • New postcards!!!

Those 2 may happen

  • A snowstorm in Club Penguin and Snow Dojo is released (I hope so!!)
  • The EPF Command Room is updated (?!)

And for knowing I’ll maybe update my blog and my YouTube channel a bit.

Well until tommorow, have fun!

-> Pen Quen22