Card- Jishu Snow Dojo on this month!

Hi there! I’m sure you’ve noticed the new login screen. And you’ve seen this:


Of course it’s for the new Card Jishu Snow Dojo, which is actually coming this month! On the last week of the month, and the day of the grand opening (and maybe for a litle longer time), the Fire and Water Dojo will open for everyone


Tommorow, get ready for a #PQSunday with an Easter taste!

Hey everyone!

Tommorow is Easter and I’m going to have an Easter party and on life, and on Club Penguin! I hope you can be there! Also, it will dure more time than usual, about 1 1/2 hours ( or more). In addition, I have something for you:



Please do NOT ask why there are black eggs! They were supposed to be purple, but something went wrong… Anyway.

Happy Easter! (btw, I love the fluo green egg on the top image XD)

->Pen Quen22



New design, more cheats!

Hey everyone! As you see I redesigned the blog and from here and after you will find more cheats and info for Club Penguin! Any bugs, updates- major and minor-, items, newspapers, fun facts, everything (ok almost everything! Let’s don’t over do it) for Club Penguin will be here. Also, more parties and videos on You Tube and maybe some livestreams! And all these with a greek spirit 😉

-> Pen Quen22

Club Penguin Times issue #393 -Stand Up To Evil Forces/ Robotopia

Hey peeps! It’s me and I have here the new Club Penguin Times issue #393! As now for the party there is a double page for Super Heros and Villains

In the first page we start with a article named Stand Up To Evil Forces.

CPT #393 1

Then we continue with CPPD Is Sweeping The Streets. Well i would not agree. So many villains out there and their robots are going aggresive too.

CPT #393 2

Then we have the Upcoming Events:

CPT #393 3

So make a list: May 9th : New postcards and new Penguin Style Catalog!

May 16th: New Igloo Funriture Catalog and new pin!

And remember: this is the last week of the Marvel Superhero Takeover!

->Pen Quen22


Now the opposite way of the newspapaer for the Villains! The dream of a new Island: Robotopia!

CPT #393 4

All villains help Ultimate Protobot to get more coins for Robotopia! Help Ultimate Protobot to create this new island, to create the new Club Penguin!Look lower:

CPT #393 5

Now look Ultimate Protobots plans:

CPT #393 6

Who cares for pins? They are not needed!

Continue your plans Protobot! You must rule! You are the one!

->Pen Quen22 the Villain