Field Friday (Now over) for the Nice Progress Of The App My Penguin

Hey penguins! Field Friday is now on Fjord! After the great progress of the new app for iPad and iPod, this #FF will be more unusual than the others I think! See what he wrote:

Hey there, Penguins!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the “My Penguin” app since it was released! We’re unbelievably excited to see how well it’s doing on the Apple App Store. And a big thanks to everyone who is patiently waiting for versions for other devices. We’ll get there — thanks for waiting!


I’m going to log on today for Field Friday at 11am Penguin Standard Time on the server Fjord. Can’t wait to check out some igloo designs and party with some of you!

In other news… A few of you asked why we weren’t posting a “Penguin of the Day” every day. It got us thinking… “Day”… “Daily”… “Daffodaily”… Kind of sounds like this could be the perfect thing for Daffodaily5 to post!

So… I’m pleased to announce that Daffodaily5 will be publishing “Penguin of the Day” for us here on the What’s New Blog!! She’s been working closely with our Guest Experience team (aka “Club Penguin Support”) to find worthy candidates to be showcased right here on the blog! I’m so excited to have her help with this, and to see more penguins take the spotlight!! Remember, you can nominate a penguin any time — we love hearing about helpful, friendly penguins in the Club Penguin community!

Waddle On! -Club Penguin Team

I’m already there and waiting! Also, today Daffodaily5 started a twitter account and Happy77 used the Twitter and posted this tweet! Look :


That was from Daffo’s twitter page!


And that was by Happy77’s  Twitter page! It seems she tried the new My Penguin app

I’m so happy for all of the three! And that Polo is having another #FF, and that Daffo made a twitter account and that Happy used her Twitter again!

Waddle On!

-> Pen Quen22

Thanks Trainman1405 for the photos!


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