Animal Jam: A Place Full Of Animals And Fun!

Hey Peeps! Today, I decided to tell you about a game called Animal Jam. It’s made from National Geographic Kids and it’s full of animals and fun! With the motto ‘ Play Wild’, you transport into an animal and play many games to earn gems, which are actually money, to buy new furniture and clothes for your animal. Make new friends and travel through all the rooms! Go to all the parties, which are all the time for every animal, except the only one animal party, where anly one species of animals can go. Costumise your animal and select how to you want to be. Do you want to be a green and red chimpazee? you can! Do you want to be a blue and pink koala? You can see it and stop dreaming about it! Do you want a yellow penguin with fire pattern on it in any colour? Stop imagining and do it! Decorate your den ( your house) as you want and throw with your friends a party! Also, remember to earn achivements playing games. Send Jam-A-Grams to your friends your to other animals and if you want, send through them gifts! Also, if you don’t want an item, you can use the trade system and trade your item with another item of an other animal’s items that are in the trade list. If he/she accept your gift, everyone will be happy! See those pics:




And remember, some features require a membership.

I already play and my username is Penquen22cp and I have 2 animals (I’m a non-member, that’s why), one penguin and a wolf. Add me if you want, and surely I’ll meet you 🙂

Well, if you have any questions, tell me.

Until then

Jam On!


-> Pen Quen22 or Flora Glamflower 🙂


5 thoughts on “Animal Jam: A Place Full Of Animals And Fun!

    • Make an account and try it! 🙂 It is like CP, but there aren’t only penguins! You can be a tiger, a money, a wolf, a bunny, even a koala or an elephant! And there are more animals to choose from! Although, it’s cooler when you have a membership. I want to convince my mother to buy me one. I’ll see.

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