Tommorow, get ready for a #PQSunday with an Easter taste!

Hey everyone!

Tommorow is Easter and I’m going to have an Easter party and on life, and on Club Penguin! I hope you can be there! Also, it will dure more time than usual, about 1 1/2 hours ( or more). In addition, I have something for you:



Please do NOT ask why there are black eggs! They were supposed to be purple, but something went wrong… Anyway.

Happy Easter! (btw, I love the fluo green egg on the top image XD)

->Pen Quen22




12 thoughts on “Tommorow, get ready for a #PQSunday with an Easter taste!

  1. Just to notify you, you may start posting on my blog from now! Also, you can make an introduction post to yourself on the blog so that people know you post on the site…

  2. Just simply click the “New Post” button as you normally would, but instead, click “Club Penguin Awesome Guide” on the selection list at the top if you want to submit to my website…

  3. If you want to delete a post, simply delete your post like you would do on your log, just as the same if you want to edit a post…

  4. Remember, you can’t post pages.
    I hope you understand how to post on my blog now and that I have answered your previous question from yestarday…

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